To v2.0.0

This update brings major breaking changes. Please refer to the sections below for information on how to fix problems you may encounter.
The old TileProvider was deprecated due to the misleading name and internal refactoring.
The provider did indeed provide some basic, unreliable, caching, and therefore the old name was incorrect. Additionally, other providers used a similar internal implementation, which provided the same caching, but did not also include 'NonCaching' in the name.
To fix warnings, change all references to the new provider. No functionality will have been lost in this transfer.
This deprecated API will be removed in the next minor update.
Due to internal refactoring, and the addition of the headers options, all built-in providers are no longer applicable to have the prefix keyword const.
To fix errors, remove the const keywords from the necessary locations.
Previously, these parameters within the TileLayerOptions constructor were specified in an integer number of milliseconds.
To fix errors, convert the millisecond time into a Duration object.
Additionally, you should implement Package Name (userAgentPackageName)as soon as possible, to prevent potential future blocking.
There are other changes, which can be seen in the full CHANGELOG.