'flutter_map' is only as big and useful as it is because of generous open-source contributors!

We're always happy to receive improvements and fixes, so please submit them whenever you can! A few key points are listed below.

Many feature additions are more suitable for plugins, instead of being added to the core. This is aimed to reduce the future maintenance burden/cost on the maintainers.

If we deny your PR for this reason, please do consider publishing a plugin, and we'll be happy to add it to the Plugins List! See Making A Plugin for more information.

  • Always link your PR to at least one issue, and as many as are resolved

  • Create a draft PR as soon as work starts, and take it out of draft status when ready for review

  • Avoid changing the package version or GitHub workflows

  • Fix issues reported by the GitHub workflows (such as formatting)

  • Avoid resolving conflicts yourself, if you're not 100% sure what you're changing

  • Keep PRs to a specific scope where possible General/multi-resolution PRs are also perfectly OK, and by the time we get our hands onto it, it usually expands quite quickly 😄

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