Thanks to everyone who has contributed to flutter_map in anyway, you've helped make it the most popular non-commercially owned mapping solution for Flutter. As well as those that have contributed directly to the code, this includes everyone on the Discord server, everyone who's following the progress, and everyone that's participating in discussions and issues.

If you want to contribute to the codebase, please visit the Contributing instructions. We'd love to have your input!

In particular, thanks go to:

  • John P Ryan - the founder of this project

  • All the current maintainers:

    • @ibrierley

    • @JaffaKetchup

    • @mootw (previously @MooNag)

    • @TesteurManiak

  • All the previous maintainers:

    • @kengu

    • @maRci002

  • The original authors of this documentation:

    • @JaffaKetchup

    • @themisir

    • @comatory

  • Notable contributors:

    • @rorystepenson

    • @ignatz

    • @josxha

  • Anyone who has made plugins for flutter_map, see the Plugins List

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