Migrating To v5

This update brings support for Dart 3 and Flutter 3.10.

We've updated some dependencies, including 'latlong2' (to 0.9.0) and 'http' (1.0.0)!

LatLng objects now have const constructors to improve performance. To automatically insert the const keyword where necessary, run dart fix.

There are a few minor breaking changes for some users, but most changes are internal and need no work to take advantage of.

Please refer to the sections below for information on how to migrate your project. This will contain the changes that most users may need to make, but not all changes. It also excludes some deprecations where the message is self-descriptive.

For a full list of changes, please see the full CHANGELOG, and make use of the old and new API reference.

NetworkNoRetryTileProvider has been removed & NetworkTileProvider now retries failed requests by default

NetworkNoRetryTileProvider did not automatically retry requests, unlike NetworkTileProvider. The differentiation was required because of restrictions of its HTTP client and ability to change its headers.

This appears to be fixed, so this workaround is no longer required.

Therefore, NetworkTileProvider now uses a RetryClient, and NetworkNoRetryTileProvider has been removed.

If you were leaving the TileLayer's TileProvider at its default (NetworkNoRetryTileProvider), no migration is necessary. Most users should not see a difference with the new retry strategy, as it is preferable anyway.

If non-retriable requests are a necessity, specify NetworkTileProvider, and manually set its httpClient property to a standard Client.

FileTileProvider now throws an UnsupportedError when used on web

Previously, FileTileProvider redirected automatically on web to a NetworkImage internally, as the web platform does not have access to IO.

To migrate, detect the web platform yourself (if you run on it), and switch automatically to NetworkTileProvider.

PolylineLayer no longer includes the saveLayers property

Whether canvas layers need to be saved is now decided automatically internally. If the polyline(s) within have translucency (<1 opacity), the canvas layers will be saved, to improve the render quality. Otherwise, they will not be unnecessarily saved, in order to improve performance.

To migrate, remove the argument without replacement.

Changed some CustomPoint<T>s' generic type

CustomPoints previously used num as their generic type, which lead to type casting within FM and plugins, as some code only allowed int/double, not num.

Many of these have been updated to reflect their true usage.

To migrate, look for any methods which now take a different generic typed CustomPoint than was previously required. These should then be either casted at this location, or the source of the number should more accurately represent what the number will be.

For more information, see https://github.com/fleaflet/flutter_map/pull/1515.

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