Making A Plugin

There are many independently maintained plugins created by the 'flutter_map' community that give extra, prebuilt functionality, saving you even more time and potentially money.

Unfortunately, you may need more niche functionality that hasn't been provided by an existing plugin or by 'flutter_map' itself. Alternatively, you may have found a gap in functionality that not everyone will need, but some people will: in this case, it's likely the maintainers will ask you to submit a plugin instead of a pull request.

Plugins can add/change a wide variety of functionality, so this guide is not exhaustive. However, it will help with the most common requirements. Each subpage covers a specific part of the plugin API, and the section below sets out requirements for plugins to be accepted into the list.

Submitting A New Plugin

If you've made your own plugin that you're willing to share, you can add it to this list by creating a pull request in GitHub. We're always looking forward to see what you've made!

When submitting a plugin & PR, please ensure the plugin:

  • preferably includes 'flutter_map_' in the name

  • preferably available via a installation

  • includes a runnable example, and/or screenshots or recordings

  • has a description that accurately and concisely represents your plugin

If you want to provide extra assistance to your users in a shared space, consider the official 'flutter_map' Discord server! Join using the link at the bottom of this page, and ping '@Github Maintainer' to be added to the 'Plugin Owner' role. You can then be easily identified and provide help or announcements in a dedicated plugins channel.

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