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Routing is currently out-of-scope for 'flutter_map'. However, if you can get a list of coordinates from a 3rd party, then you can use the Polyline Layer to show it!
A good open source option is OSRM, but if you want higher reliability and more functionality such as real-time based routing, you may want to try a commercial solution such as Mapbox or Google Maps.
Custom Tile Styles
Unfortunately, this library cannot provide this functionality.
Raster tiles are pre-rendered by the tile server, and cannot be changed on the fly. Filters can be applied, such as an emulated dark mode, but these effects do not look great. This is a limitation of the technology, not this library.
However, tilesets can be styled. This is the most effective way of using custom styles. These methods may help you with this:
  • You may wish to use a commercial service like Mapbox Studio, which allows you to style multiple tilesets. See Using Mapbox.
  • Alternatively, you can experiment with vector tiles. These are not pre-rendered, and so allow any style you desire to be applied on the fly. See Vector Tiles.
  • Your last option is to serve tiles yourself. See Other Options.
Animated MapController
It's possible to animate the movements made by a MapController, although this isn't implemented in this library.
For an example of how to do this, please see the example app's Animated Map Controller page.
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