Plugins List
There are many independently maintained 'plugins' created by the 'flutter_map' community that give extra, prebuilt functionality, saving you even more time and potentially money.
Although these plugins have been checked by 'flutter_map' maintainers, 'flutter_map' maintainers do not accept responsibility for any issues or threats posed by independently maintained plugins.
Use plugins at your own risk.
There is no guarantee that any of these plugins will support the latest version of flutter_map.
Please remain patient with the plugin authors/owners.
Some pages in this documentation provide direct links to these plugins, where appropriate, to make it easier for you to find a suitable plugin: these are listed below as well. Other links in documentation may point to useful libraries, but not necessarily flutter_map dedicated plugins: these are not listed below.
However, if you're just browsing, a list is provided below (in no particular order), containing many of the open-source plugins, each with a short description by the author saying what the plugin does/what it's useful for:

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