Plugins List

There are many independently maintained 'plugins' created by the 'flutter_map' community that give extra, prebuilt functionality, saving you even more time and potentially money.
Although these plugins have been checked by 'flutter_map' maintainers, we do not accept responsibility for any issues or threats posed by independently maintained plugins.
Use plugins at your own risk.
There is no guarantee that any of these plugins will support the latest version of flutter_map.
Please remain patient with the plugin authors/owners.
Some pages in this documentation provide direct links to these plugins to make it easier for you to find a suitable plugin. However, if you're just browsing, a full list is provided below (in no particular order), containing many of the available plugins. You can click on any of the tiles to visit it's GitHub repo.


From more layers to whole heaps of new functionality, it's all here - assuming it's not in one of the other sections!

Marker Clustering

Marker clustering groups markers together under bigger markers when zoomed further out, decluttering your UI and giving a performance boost.

Better Markers

We thought our built in Markers were pretty good! But it turns out, the community thinks there's a lot more that can be done with them.

Better Polylines & Polygons

Need more advanced Polyline/Polygon functionality? These are for you.