Mapping package for Flutter, based off of 'leaflet.js'. Simple and easy to learn, yet completely customizable and configurable, it's the best choice for mapping in your Flutter app.


This code snippet demonstrates everything you need for a simple map:
return FlutterMap(
options: MapOptions(
center: LatLng(51.509364, -0.128928),
zoom: 9.2,
nonRotatedChildren: [
source: 'OpenStreetMap contributors',
onSourceTapped: null,
children: [
urlTemplate: 'https://tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png',
userAgentPackageName: 'com.example.app',
Choose an initial center and zoom (London in this case), add and credit a tile layer, and you're done!
Of course, this package has much more functionality than shown here, and these are described extensively throughout this documentation.

Feature Highlights

Supports Any* Map Style
Simple Setup
Wide Ecosystem Of Plugins
Supports Markers, Polygons, and Polylines Properly

Support & Contact

Having trouble with 'flutter_map', or have any suggestions? We hope we can help get you sorted as soon as possible.
The preferred way to get help with smaller issues and get recommendations is the official Discord server! Join today using the link: https://discord.gg/egEGeByf4q.
Alternatively, for bigger issues, suspected bugs, or feature requests, visit the GitHub Issue Tracker and ask away! We'll try to get back to you relatively quickly, but it may take longer for larger issues. Note that feature requests currently have a long wait time, so we'd love your contributions!
Additionally, please use the ratings system at the bottom of each page, so that we can improve lacking pages, or look to better rated pages for inspiration!
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