Map Controller Issues

These issues appear significantly less after v2.1.0, due to the reworking of the MapController lifecycle.
If you are experiencing these errors, please consider updating to this version or later.
This class of errors is usually caused by mis-configuring MapControllers (see Controller), or using them in complex layouts.
If you're having these issues - which can manifest as LateInitializationErrors and/or BadState errors - there are a few things you can try to help out:
  • Fully read the Controller page, and choose the right implementation/usage for your situation.
  • In complex layouts, such as with PageViews or ListViews, use the Keep Alive (keepAlive) property.
  • If sharing the map controller, for example through Provider, make sure that the shared controller is initialised and destroyed/uninitialised at the same time as the FlutterMap.