Attribution Layer

Before publishing your app to users, you should credit the tile server you use, this library, and potentially and plugins you use.
options: MapOptions(),
nonRotatedChildren: [
source: '© OpenStreetMap contributors',
onSourceTapped: () {},
Please credit flutter_map, it helps us to gain more developers that we can help!
You should also credit your tile server if it says to in the server's terms of service. You must credit OpenStreetMap if using its tile server or another tile server that relies on its data.

Default Builder

The default builder, as shown above, can be used to get a classic attribution box appearance quickly without much setup. Just add a source and a function (if you want a clickable link to appear), and 'flutter_map' automatically gets credited.

Custom Builder

Alternatively, create your own box from scratch by omitting the defaultWidget constructor from the widget. Then you can build a custom widget as you would normally.