Recommended Options

URL Template (urlTemplate)

This parameter is not strictly required, but the map is essentially useless without it specified with a valid URL.
Takes a string that is a valid URL, which is the template to use when the tile provider constructs the URL to request a tile from a tile server. For example:
urlTemplate: "{z}/{x}/{y}.png",
will use the OpenStreetMap Tile Server.
You must comply to your tile server's ToS. Failure to do so may result in you being banned from their services.
The OpenStreetMap Tile Server (as used above) can be found here. Other servers may have different terms.
This package is not responsible for your misuse of another tile server.
The '{s}', '{z}', '{x}' & '{y}' parts indicate where to place the subdomain, zoom level, x coordinate, and y coordinate respectively. Not providing at least the latter 3 parts won't necessarily throw an error, but the map won't show anything.

Package Name (userAgentPackageName)

Takes a String, which should be the unique package name (eg. For example:
userAgentPackageName: '',
This string is used to construct a 'User-Agent' header, sent with all tile requests (on platforms other than the web, due to Dart limitations), necessary to prevent blocking by tile servers.
Constructed agents are in the format: 'flutter_map (packageName)'. If the package name is not specified, 'unknown' is used in place.
Although it is not required, not specifying the correct package name will/may group your applications traffic with other application's traffic. If the total traffic exceeds the server's limits, they may choose to block all traffic with that agent, leading to a 403 HTTP error.

Tile Provider (tileProvider)

For more information, see:

Retina Mode (retinaMode)

A bool flag to enable or disable (default) makeshift retina mode, recommended on supporting devices. If the tile server supports retina mode natively ('@2' tiles), you should use them instead, by including the '{r}' placeholder in the URL Template (urlTemplate).
If true, the providers should request four tiles of half the specified size and a bigger zoom level in place of one to utilize the high resolution. In this case, you should set MapOptions's maxZoom should be maxZoom - 1 instead.
For example, this is the recommended setup:
retinaMode: MediaQuery.of(context).devicePixelRatio > 1.0,
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