Programmatic Control

There's two ways to interact with the map - that is to control it, as well as receive data from it - and it's current viewport, aka. 'camera'.

via User Gestures

The first way is through user interaction, where they perform gestures (such as drags/pans), and the map reacts automatically to those gestures to change the camera view of the map.

These are usually restricted by Options. It is possible to disable all input, either by disabling all gestures, or by wrapping the map with something like IgnorePointer.

via Programmatic Means

When using programmatic means, there's two methods to most things, dependent on whether the context is within a FlutterMap (ie. usually a layer) or not.

If within FlutterMap's context, the methods usually cause automatic rebuilding. As well as the pages below, also see #2.-hooking-into-inherited-state.

pageControl CamerapageGet CamerapageListen To Events

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