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Get Camera

The MapCamera object describes the map's current viewport. It does not provide methods to change it: that is the responsibility of a MapController.
The MapCamera object also provides access to some other helpful methods that depend on it, such as pointToLatLng & latLngToPoint.

Usage Inside Of A FlutterMap Child

To get the camera from within the context of a FlutterMap widget, use MapCamera.of(context).
Calling this method in a build method will cause the widget to automatically rebuild when the MapCamera changes. See 2. Hooking Into Inherited State for more information.
If this behaviour is unwanted, use Single Time instead.
If this throws a StateError, try wrapping the concerned widget in a Builder, to ensure the FlutterMap widget is parenting the BuildContext. If this has no effect, use Usage Outside Of FlutterMap instead.

Usage Outside Of FlutterMap

Single Time

To get the camera from outside the context of the FlutterMap widget, you'll need to setup a MapController first: see Control Camera > Usage Outside Of FlutterMap.
Then, use the .camera getter.
Avoid using MapController.of(context).camera from within the context of FlutterMap, as it is redundant and less performant than using MapCamera.of(context) directly.

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