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Huge thanks to everyone who uses, supports, and/or contributes to flutter_map in any way, you've helped make the most popular non-commercially aimed mapping solution for Flutter!

In particular, thanks go to:

  • All the current maintainers:

    • @ibrierley

    • @JaffaKetchup

    • @mootw (previously @MooNag)

    • @TesteurManiak

    • @josxha

  • All the previous maintainers:

    • John P Ryan - the original founder of this project, over at AppTree Software

    • @kengu

    • @maRci002

  • The authors of this documentation:

    • @JaffaKetchup

  • Anyone who has contributed to making flutter_map: Contributor List

  • Anyone who has made plugins for flutter_map: Plugins List


We're always happy to receive improvements and fixes, so please submit them whenever you can! A few key points are listed below.

Many feature additions are more suitable for plugins, instead of being added to the core. This is aimed to reduce the future maintenance burden/cost on the maintainers.

If we deny your PR for this reason, please do consider publishing a plugin, and we'll be happy to add it to the Plugins List! See Creating A Plugin for more information.

  • If your PR will add a major or breaking change, please discuss it with us first, via the Issue Tracker We don't want to waste your time if we think it's more appropriate for a plugin, and it helps to make a clear plan before starting work

  • Create a draft PR as soon as work starts, and take it out of draft status when ready for review Keep everyone in the loop, so no-one tries working on the same thing as you

  • Don't change the package version, GitHub workflows, lints, or any other meta files without clarification We rely on a standardized process and procedure to ensure top-quality releases

  • Use a clear (preferably Conventional) PR title This makes it easier for us to group commits for release and write correct CHANGELOGs

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